Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cluck cluck cluck

I was cleaning out the chicken coop this evening. The hens are molting and they basically explode feathers daily. Every few days I need to completely clean the coop of all the feathers that have now mixed with the bedding to create a fluffy colorful floor to the coop. I got home later than expected so it was getting close to dusk. I am cleaning the coop out and the hens are all clucking at me desperate to get back in their home. "Momma hen, it is late! It is dark! We need safety! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Move, move MOOOOVE!". I managed to clean it all out and the second I finished I had four excited hens running into the coop and leaping up onto the perch for the night. It was quite the site. I image it all looked ridiculous to the neighbor watching me do the cleanup.