Monday, February 13, 2012


It is mid February and the hens have finally gotten used to winter. After the first few snowfalls they were not happy. Willow initially refused to stand on the snow and would perch on the food dish and stick her head into it from the top in order to eat.

Willow standing on the lid/top of the feeder.
The hens have also been molting. While they look fine with their seasonal feather loss it means that I am cleaning out the bedding/molted feather mix every few days.
Willow standing in the bedding/feather mix created after just 2 days. How are they losing so many feathers and still looking relatively normal???

The ladies moving around the henhouse while getting settled for the evening. Merrill is on a perch, Henrietta is looking to the left, Willow is at the front left looking at the camera suspiciously, and Tara is coming in from the cold.