Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awkward teenage years

The chickens have been growing quickly. They now entered an awkward stage in their growth; I think of it as similar to teenagers when you are trying out your new body/new self but are not fully grown yet. The chickens are at that stage in many ways. They are mostly feathered now, with just a bit of fluff left on their heads. But they are not yet full size and they feathers are not fully formed. The temperature in the brooder box has been slowly decreasing week by week and late this week they should be ready to leave the only word they have known and venture out into the big bright unknown world of the great outdoors AKA the backyard chicken coop.
All four chickens hanging out at the back of their brooder box. Henrietta is trying to stand in the food dish (what a silly bird). Willow is eating. Tara is facing the camera. Merrill is awkwardly standing on a perch.

Willow seems to be very ready to enter this bright new world. Every time I go to clean the brooder box, get them fresh water, or add new food she comes leaping up and lands on the edge of the box. She is ready to leave that room. Henrietta and Merrill still tend to just run to a corner if I open the lid. Tara just wanders around and stands wherever I am working/cleaning in their box. She is always in my way.
Willow standing on the top edge of the brooder box. She has grown a lot! It now takes two hands to firmly hold the chickens. They are no longer little fluff balls. They look more and more like adult chickens every day.  Merrill is visible in the background of the photo standing in front of the food dish. Feathers are now visible on her legs. They grow up so fast! Pardon me, I am having nostalgic thoughts of fluff ball chicks.

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