Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome the new peepers

Say hello to -->
Willow, Tara, Merrill, and Henrietta (whose full name is Henrietta the Official Hen of thanks to a friend of ours).

Close up of all 4 baby chicks in their brooder box. The 2 barred plymouth rock which are black with white spots are on the left (Willow and Tara) and the golden laced wyandottes which are black with golden spots are on the right (Henrietta and Merrill).
Henrietta was the first to understand the concept of water. We dipped each of their beaks into the water but she was the first to go and drink on her own. She is also the first of the hens to use the temporary water dish as a bath. 
Henrietta taking a bath in the temporary water dish (an overturned tupperware lid) as the other chicks watch her.

We currently have the main water dish and a smaller temporary set up of an overturned tupperware lid for filled with water. The chicks were having trouble staying steady on their feet and found the overturned lid easier to drink out of than the larger dish. Once they stop being quite so clumsy that will be removed.

Our cats are rather confused by all the peeps and chirps coming from the closed off guest room that is housing the brooder box. Hopefully they will not try running in there one of the times that we enter the room. The baby chicks are not cat toys.

In case you were wondering, the chicks are currently living on The Onion newspaper. We want our chicks well read and enjoying the fun parts of life.


  1. Teach them their learnins! (but make sure Merrill stays away from blood magic mmmkay?)

  2. @Kelly I will watch Merrill closely to make sure she doesn't bring any mirrors into her coop.

    For those wondering, yes, Merrill is named after a character in the video game Dragon Age 2. Willow and Tara are named after the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.