Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo time from a sunny Sunday afternoon with the hens.

Eggs from Sunday breakfast. 2 are a plain brown and 2 are brown with dark brown speckles.
All 4 hens out in the yard foraging.
Why are the chickens checking out my herb garden? That oregano is not for you Tara and Merrill!
Find the hen! Willow (or possibly Tara) foraging in the herb garden. She was kicked out after this photo was taken.
Merrill (in the foreground) and Henrietta (in the background) scratching in the grass. I know Merrill found at least one worm that afternoon.

A close up of Henrietta with Merrill poking her head in the shot.
Have you hugged a chicken recently? A photo of me holding Willow after she again tried to go into my herb garden. STAY OUT OF THERE GALS or risk being picked up and moved!


  1. Wow - I remember when the baby chicks fit in your hand! YOUR HAND. They are SO big! (And SO awesome!)

  2. Yeah, they were such small fluff balls this spring. They grew up quickly!!